Favourite PhotoApp

Hey guys, Firstly i want to say ” Welcome To My New Blog ” and now i’m gonna share with you about my favourite PhotoApp according to my Iphone. So here’s the app :

1. Afterlight
I could say that this app is the coolest photo editor that i ever had on my iPhone. With super cool 40 Filters, i’m never getting bored to do the experiment on my pictures. And this photo app is also contain complete pic editing tools just like a pro. You will never regret to buy this Photo app.


2. VSCOcam
I love this app because its simplicity on editing the photos. Not to much filters, but this app is a really good app to make Moody or Faded Pictures.


3. Snapseed
Well, it is the basic photo app for the professional picture editing. I only used this app to adjust brightness, ambiance, and sharpens of the pictures. When the result picture from this app combinated with other PhotoApp, the result is quite well.


4. Moldiv
My last favourite photo app is Moldiv. It is so simple to use. I love the filters ( especially Pastel Filter ) and i always using it to add text on my pictures because it has so many different type of text. And also i could make a picture collage with this app.


So there are my favourite Essential PhotoApp. Hope you guys want to share yours favourite with me. 😀

Love, H


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